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What is RivCoConnect?

RIVCOconnect is a Riverside County initiative, supported by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and Executive Office, and led by Riverside County Information Technology (RCIT), that seeks to remove the road blocks that obstruct service providers from building out the current infrastructure. RIVCOconnect seeks to invite the private sector, either incumbent vendors or business entities new to the County, to work in cooperative fashion and create partnerships to deliver Broadband services Countywide at speeds of 1 Gbps and above.

It is also the goal of RIVCOconnect that this service be provided to all residents at an affordable cost, one that allows all residents to access high-speed connections to information, entertainment, health care, government services, employment opportunities, and educational growth.The RIVCOconnect Initiative is working toward the development of expedited County permitting procedures, providing low-cost locations for fiber shelters, telecomm cabinets, pole boxes and curbside utility vaults, and offering incentives such as anchor tenancy and asking the same of our municipal and local community partners who will be joining us in our efforts.

It is not the intent of the County of Riverside that this new Countywide Gigabit Network will be owned and operated in the public realm. Rather, it is the goal of RIVCOconnect and the Board of Supervisors that the private sector will see the new opportunities being unveiled that will lead to the largest such high-speed Broadband network in the country. RIVCOconnect will pave the way for economic growth, educational advancement, rising employment in professional and technical lines of business, and increased security for the County’s seniors.

Our Goals

Universal access to high-speed information and technology for the purposes of employment, education, public safety, health care, entertainment, business, and governmental assistance.

Affordable access to high-speed Broadband networks Countywide, regardless of economic or geographic status.

Bridging the Digital Divide and bringing Riverside County to new heights in economic development, business climate, and educational innovations.