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Sure, we have Internet service. But how good is it where you live? The effectiveness of an Internet service is measured against the speed at which it passes data, either from the Internet to you (Download) or from you to the Internet (Upload.) This data is measured in bits per second. Just six years ago, the standard set by the FCC was 4 Mbps (four megabits per second, or four million bit sent per second.) That data rate falls far short of what one device requires today and the new standard for high-speed Broadband is now 25 Mbps, yet within Riverside County – and the rest of the Country as a whole – the provided rates fall anywhere from 2 Mbps to 300. This difference in service – from the haves to the have-nots – is referred to as the Digital Divide, and this is something RivCoConnect seeks to eliminate. We believe true high-speed Broadband – beginning with 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second, or a thousand megabits) for all residents is the best way to provide for the overall wellbeing of the County now and in the future.
The digital marketplace is growing every day. At one time, you may have had a cell phone capable of making calls and sending a message to another phone, but that was about all it could do. Your dial-up Internet connection allowed you to access your email account and browse sites that were moderately rich in graphics and text, but not much beyond that. Today is different, though. Now you have multiple cell phones within a household all accessing the Wi-Fi signal to stream Netflix or Hulu. Your PC or laptop is working on heavy graphics uploads, while one of your children is playing a virtual reality game in the other room. College classes are often taken online, and employment opportunities are found on the Internet as well. The Medical Industry is growing exponentially in the direction of Telemedicine remote care, and more and more people are finding telecommuting a better fit for themselves and their families. All of this takes bandwidth – a lot of bandwidth – and it takes faster and faster connections to make them work. Think of Internet data as water. At one time all you had to fill was a pail, so that small faucet worked just fine. Now you need to flood a football field, and that faucet needs to be replaced by a hydrant. Our digital footprints only get bigger – they never shrink.
This initiative is a sponsored and approved by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and the Executive Office. It is fully supported by the County’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jay Orr, and is staffed and directed by County CIO Steve Reneker and the Riverside County Information Technology (RCIT) department. The initiative’s Master Plan and RFP is being developed by Best, Best & Krieger Attorneys at Law, and the cooperative efforts of this initiative will include County agencies such as Economic Development, Transportation & Land Management, a variety of other departments, the 28 incorporated cities, over 40 unincorporated population centers and 12 tribal communities. RIVCOconnect will also include the partnering service providers who will join us in bringing Riverside County to the head of the pack in high-speed Broadband.
Absolutely not. The infrastructure and services will in no way be paid for or maintained by the County of Riverside. RIVCOconnect’s role in this endeavor will be to clear the way for the private sector to come in and build, develop, and operate the Gigabit network we are seeking.
This new service will be owned and operated by one, two, or several private entities. It may be that one service provider will build and operate it from one end of the County to the other, or it may also be possible that one vendor will build it out and others will operate and maintain it on a regional basis. All of this is yet to be determined.
It would be nice, but no one is expecting 100% fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP.) In all likelihood the new service will feature a hybrid network, comprised of FTTP in some areas, Ethernet over copper (EoC) wherever possible, and even some wireless coverage in others. The goal is going to be speed over transmission mode, although fiber will always be preferred when practicable, but we also need to keep in mind that this must be built out for the future – not just today, but for coming generations.
It’s all over the map at this point. There are services barely providing 2 Mbps, while others are in excess of 300 Mbps.
We’re looking for nothing short of Gbps service, with speeds increasing with technology.
Costs are still undetermined, but RIVCOconnect is adopting the GOOGLE Fiber Cities Model of 1 Gbps residential service for $70 per month, 5 Mbps or below for no cost, and the Gbps business class fiber of $500 per month. These are still negotiable figures, but the costs must be affordable for all County residents.
There are a number of apps you can download that will perform ping and data tests. The best one we have found so far is SPEEDTEST by OOKLA. It is available for Apple, Android and Windows devices.