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The movement to deploy high-speed broadband and develop smart city strategies is spreading across the country. As technology progresses, so do the necessities of everyday life, creating a new reality that fiber optic infrastructure is the new utility and something every home must have. Telemedicine, telecommuting, streaming video content, educational research, security surveillance systems, and the overall Internet of Things are all leading us to the ultimate goal of faster connectivity and better communications.

Telemedicine Could Trump Economic Development for Driving Community Broadband

Telehealth requires high-speed quality Internet access. John Baker, senior telemedicine and video conferencing network analyst at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., said, “You need good or excellent broadband for your telehealth services to be useful. When I came on board three years ago, our director of telemedicine had done a lot of research and determined that we needed to accelerate our efforts and our bandwidth.”

“The main medical disciplines that have adopted telemedicine historically have been tele-stroke, mental health, and dermatology,” said Eric Bacon, president of AMD Global Telemedicine. "Woman's health, particularly in underserved and rural areas, is a growing application.” Some consider women’s health care as No. 4 on the list that telemedicine can impact.

Author:Riverside County IT

Mammoth Riverside County Broadband RFP Takes a Modern Approach

In its quest to spearhead last-mile fiber-optic broadband at gigabit speeds, Riverside County seeks participants, not mere proposals, for a project worth as much as $4 billion.
Author:Riverside County IT

New telemedicine initiative gives rural Nevadans access to specialty care

 Visiting the doctor just got faster, easier and more useful in parts of rural Nevada.

That’s because of the Nevada Broadband Telemedicine Initiative, announced Monday at Desert View Regional Medical Center in Nye County.

The $19.6 million federally funded initiative aims to increase access to specialty care, including psychiatric services, to residents in rural areas of the state. That is a big step forward from other online telemedicine tools, which are best suited for diagnosing coldlike symptoms.

Author:Riverside County IT

The U.S. Isn’t Ready for 5G Technology

The economic stakes for 5G may be significantly higher than for 4G, led by large-scale job creation and incubation of new devices, applications, and business models that could dramatically stimulate the U.S. economy.

However, the U.S. is not as well-prepared to capitalize on this opportunity. The U.S does not currently have sufficient fiber to densify the network with thousands of new small cells and hot spots, increase network capacity, and accommodate the projected four-fold growth in data traffic through 2021.

Author:Riverside County IT

$4 billion gigabit-for-all project in California makes its case with data

As Riverside County, California, collects proposals from broadband companies, it uses data-rich storytelling to show that its ambitions are rooted in reality.

Author:Riverside County IT

Riverside County Lays Out Case for Countywide Affordable Broadband Project

Using data and data visualizations from the county’s open data portal and U.S. Census data, the “RIVCO-connect - Business Community” page makes a case that stronger internet could help small to mid-sized businesses in the county grow, and they currently employ half the county’s working population. Making more jobs available in-county strengthens community by keeping people near their families, relieves traffic on congested freeways, and engages home-bound community members who can provide services to global employers.

Author:Riverside County IT

Frontier to connect up to 100K homes to fiber through 2018

Frontier is taking a bullish stance on rolling out FTTH with plans to roll out service to 50,000 to 100,000 over the next two years. The service provider's network expansion is just one of several moves it has planned following a series of subscriber declines in recent quarters.

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2017 U.S. Market Report by Ookla

Fixed broadband in the United States is fast and getting faster. This can be credited to cable providers making all the necessary investments and infrastructure upgrades to roll out DOCSIS 3.1 and to the increased affordability of higher tiered packages. As a result, more users are likely subscribing or being upgraded to packages with faster speeds.

Author:Riverside County IT

Queen Anne’s County signs contract for broadband fiber

“For $8.7 million, FTS is proposing to construct 160 miles of fiber throughout Queen Anne’s County as well as provide the county government with a dedicated lit fiber network to 82 sites,” she said. “This project is estimated to actually cost $30 million, but is being financed by investors. In order for FTS investors to be willing to put their money up they require that the county sign on to use their fiber which shows investors there is an ongoing revenue stream. A breakdown for that $8.7 million is $6.5 million for construction and $2.2 million over 10 years for lit fiber service and maintenance to county facilities.”

Author:Riverside County IT

AT&T’s attempt to stall Google Fiber construction thrown out by judge

AT&T has lost a court case in which it tried to stall construction by Google Fiber in Louisville, Kentucky.

AT&T sued the local government in Louisville and Jefferson County in February 2016 to stop a One Touch Make Ready Ordinance designed to give Google Fiber and other new ISPs quicker access to utility poles. But yesterday, US District Court Judge David Hale dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, saying AT&T's claims that the ordinance is invalid are false.

Author:Riverside County IT