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The movement to deploy high-speed broadband and develop smart city strategies is spreading across the country. As technology progresses, so do the necessities of everyday life, creating a new reality that fiber optic infrastructure is the new utility and something every home must have. Telemedicine, telecommuting, streaming video content, educational research, security surveillance systems, and the overall Internet of Things are all leading us to the ultimate goal of faster connectivity and better communications.

Research: Global Fiber Broadband Penetration Surpasses DSL, On Track for 1 Billion Connections

China and the U.S., respectively, are the two largest fixed broadband markets by far, accounting for 46.9 percent of the worldwide total in 2016. China alone accounts for 34.7 percent of the global total, and fixed broadband connections increased 45.7 percent in 2016 as Chinese providers continue to follow through on the central government’s Broadband China initiative.

Author:Riverside County IT