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The movement to deploy high-speed broadband and develop smart city strategies is spreading across the country. As technology progresses, so do the necessities of everyday life, creating a new reality that fiber optic infrastructure is the new utility and something every home must have. Telemedicine, telecommuting, streaming video content, educational research, security surveillance systems, and the overall Internet of Things are all leading us to the ultimate goal of faster connectivity and better communications.

BT targets 10 million homes in full fibre broadband push

BT has already committed to laying two million full fibre lines by 2020, but after a year of trials that brought down the estimated cost of new connection by roughly half, Mr Selley said he had become a “bigger fan” of fibre optics. He now wants to upgrade 10 million homes by 2025 and is seeking support from the wider industry to achieve it.

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Is Cost Really Stopping Consumers From Getting Broadband? Read more: https://www.americanactionforum.org/research/cost-really-stopping-consumers-getting-broadband/#ixzz4gnwTizLl Follow us: @AAF on T

According to the most recent count, about 13 percent of Americans aren’t connected to the Internet. Cost is often cited as a barrier to access. Yet, when considering the totality of evidence, including the results of a pilot program by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), surveys from the Census, and research from Pew, a more complex story behind the lack of adoption emerges.

Author:Riverside County IT

Charter’s Rutledge: ‘Small cell connectivity to our high capacity network is our future and our current state’

Charter is diving into the wireless business as its wireline broadband business continues to expand. The company added 428,000 high-speed internet users in the first quarter, despite strong headwinds associated in its conversion of the legacy Time Warner Cable footprint to the Spectrum brand. 

Author:Riverside County IT

SpaceX to start launching 4,000-plus broadband internet satellites in 2019

Detailed within a recent Federal Communications Commission filing, Elon Musk’s SpaceX wants to start launching thousands of internet-providing satellites during 2019. Structured in multiple phases through 2024, the 4,425 satellites would use advanced mesh networking to offer high-speed broadband services in rural areas that still have to rely on dial-up or simply don’t have access to any internet service options.

Author:Riverside County IT

The digital divide: Broadband-less lives hold rural residents back

Albemarle County is dedicated to protecting its rural areas. But one aspect of life in the country is keeping an estimated one-third of its citizens from fully living in the 21st century, and that’s the digital divide—the lack of access to affordable high-speed internet, which, in this day and age, seems to be a basic human necessity.

Author:Riverside County IT

West Virginia Senator Introduces Broadband Measure

U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., introduced Wednesday tech-neutral legislation to accelerate the development of high-speed internet in low-income and rural communities.

The Gigabit Opportunity Act, or “GO Act,” expands broadband in these communities by targeting investments to areas with the greatest need, eliminating barriers to investment and streamlining patchwork regulations.

Author:Riverside County IT

Who needs the FCC? Seattle writes its own broadband privacy rule

The city found its authority in the municipal code governing cable franchises; the rules on the books are mostly about TV service, but setting “privacy standards for subscribers of cable service and other services provided over the cable system” seems well within the mandate.

Author:Riverside County IT

The One-Two Knockout Punch for Broadband — Co-ops Partner With Local Government

As the broadband bandwagon gathers speed, some are asking whether it makes sense for co-ops and local government to partner. This one-two broadband deployment delivery has the potential to make a serious dent in the service need to rural areas

Author:Riverside County IT

Study on AT&T’s fiber deployment: 1Gbps for the rich, 768kbps for the poor

California households with access to AT&T's fiber service have a median income of $94,208, according to "AT&T's Digital Divide in California," in which the Haas Institute analyzed Federal Communications Commission data from June 2016.  By contrast, the median household income is $53,186 in California neighborhoods where AT&T provides only DSL, with download speeds typically ranging from 768kbps to 6Mbps.  The median income in areas with U-verse VDSL, which ranges from 12Mbps to 75Mbps, is $67,021.

Author:Riverside County IT

Could Fiber be the Final Frontier of High-Speed Internet?

The bursts of light that travel through the fiber strands are encoded with the information someone wants to pull up on their device. It could be anything from a Netflix original series to a patient’s medical history to an order for a large pepperoni pizza. 

Author:Riverside County IT