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    What is ACP?

    The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a long-term federally funded program that helps families connect to the internet from home. The ACP provides a monthly benefit to help pay for an internet service plan. It began on December 31, 2021, replacing the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB).

    What benefits are offered through ACP?

    Once approved, ACP enrollees can get the following:

    • A monthly discount of up to $30 for broadband internet ($75 for households on Tribal lands).

    • A one-time discount of $100 toward the purchase of a connected device (laptop, desktop or tablet) through a participating provider (with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50).

    What is the Enhanced Tribal Benefit?

    Eligible households on Tribal lands can receive a total monthly discount of up to $75.

    How long do ACP benefits last?

    The ACP is a long-term benefit that will continue until funds run out. Currently, there are enough federal funds to support the program for an estimated 1-2 years before any additional funding is added.

    Where can I get more information on ACP?


      How do I qualify for ACP?

      You qualify for ACP if you meet at least one of these two requirements:

          (a) Your household income is at 200% of the Federal Poverty Level OR

          (b) You or another household member are currently enrolled in a government assistance program such as Medi-Cal, CalFresh or Lifeline.

      For more information, visit our page on Applying for ACP.

      How do I know if I qualify based on household income?

      To see if your income is 200% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines, please see the chart here.

      Are non-citizens eligible?

      ACP enrollment does not require proof of citizenship or legal residency status.


        How do I apply for ACP?

        There are four options to enroll:

        a) Online. The online application is easy to complete and takes just minutes. Click on Apply Today to get started.

        b) By Phone. Talk to an ACP coordinator to sign up. Just call 866-922-1016.

        c) In Person. You can also submit an application in person at: 

                   Sigma Beta Xi (SBX)
                   12125 Day Street, Suite E303,
                   Moreno Valley, CA 92557 (Get directions here)
                   Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

        d) By Mail. Print and complete the application (see below). Then mail the completed application with proof of eligibility to:

        Affordable Connectivity Program Support Center 
        P.O. BOX 7081 
        London, KY 40742

        Download the application by clicking on the link below: 
        ACP Application (English) 
        ACP Application (Spanish)

        Note: To sign up for ACP, you’ll need a valid email address. If you don’t have an email, an ACP representative can help you set one up. 

        How do I apply for the ACP Enhanced Tribal Land Benefit?

        If you live on a qualifying Tribal land, you may be eligible for the Enhanced Tribal Land Benefit. Please visit our ACP Enhanced Tribal Land Benefit page.

        Do I need to pay a fee or make a down payment when applying?

        NO. No initial payment is required.

        What do I need to know before completing an ACP application?

        Here are some tips for completing the ACP application:

        • Make sure your name, date of birth, address, and social security number (if applicable) on the ACP application matches the proof of identity you will use.

        • Make sure you list the correct email address.

        • If you already have internet service, make sure the information on your ACP application matches the information on your current home internet bill. For example, do not list your middle initial on your ACP application if it does not appear on your current home internet bill.

        What documents do I need to apply?

        You will need to provide two forms of documentation: one that offers proof of your identity and another that offers proof of your eligibility.

        What can I use to verify my identity?

        You can provide proof of identity using a driver’s license, birth certificate, passport or other documents. More information on proof of identity can be found at Applying for ACP.

        What can I use to show proof of eligibility?

        To demonstrate your eligibility for ACP, you will need to provide one of the following:

        1. For Medi-Cal, Lifeline, CalFresh, Pell Grant, Veterans Pension, or Survivor Benefits: No documents needed. You’re automatically qualified. 

        2.  For WIC: a monthly statement 

        3.  For National School Lunch Program (LSP) at CEP designated school: proof of enrollment in the program during the current or preceding school year.



        Will they check my credit?

        NO. A provider is not allowed to check an applicant’s credit when applying for ACP.

        If I already receive Lifeline benefits, will I automatically receive ACP benefits?

        NO. You must opt-in with your existing provider or request enrollment in ACP with a participating internet provider and choose an ACP-eligible service plan. You can choose to receive the benefit from your current Lifeline service provider or another participating provider.

        If I don’t finish the application, can I save it and finish it later?

        YES. You can save the information entered on the online application and continue later.

        How do I check the status of my existing application?

        You can check the status of your application at any time by visiting

        Step 1: In the top right corner, click Consumer Sign In.

        Step 2: Enter your Username and Password.

        Step 3: The status of your application will be visible on the dashboard.

        My application information is wrong or does not match my current internet service account information. How do I fix it?

        Any updates or changes to your name, date of birth, address, email address, or social security number (optional) will require a new application. The first application must be deleted before you can start a new application.

        If you need to make a change to the ACP application, you will need to send an email to or call (833) 511-0311 and ask them to delete your original ACP application and start a new application.

        My application was approved. What do I do next?

        Once your application is approved, you will have 90 days to sign up for internet service and apply the ACP benefit. If you do not do so within 90 days, you will need to reapply.

        • Contact an internet service provider participating in ACP in your area. You can find a provider in your area using
        • We recommend asking multiple service providers about their specific ACP plan offered since each plan may differ.

        • Once you choose a service provider, share the application ID from your approved ACP application. Remember: the provider cannot demand a Social Security Number. The process will likely take longer with another ID.


          Which ISPs participate in ACP in my community?

          In Riverside County, the following ISPs currently participate in ACP:

          • AT&T

          • Spectrum

          • Frontier

          • Mediacom Xtream

          • Anza Electric Cooperative

          The following ISPs provide internet service in Riverside County’s qualifying Tribal lands:

          • Spectrum
          • Frontier

          • Astound Broadband

          • Anza Electric

          • Zito Media  

          If I already have home internet, can the ACP discount be applied to my existing service?

          YES. ACP can be applied to your existing service. Ask your ISP if they participate in ACP; if so, they may be able to enroll you directly into the program. If they cannot, you will need to apply for ACP via or by mail. Once approved, the provider will apply the benefit to your monthly bill.

          Is there a way to reduce my monthly home internet bill to $0?

          YES. Several service providers offer special home internet plans with monthly costs that are covered in full by the ACP discount. If you choose one of these plans, your monthly home internet service will cost $0.

          If I decide to change service providers, can I take my ACP benefits with me?

          YES. You are not locked into the first internet service provider you enroll with. You can change to a different ACP internet provider once per service month without incurring a charge. If you have already transferred during the current service month, the system will advise the provider of the next available transfer date.

          Can an ISP charge me when I change my service plan?

          NO. An internet service provider cannot charge you if you choose to change your service.

          My current ISP is not listed as an ACP provider. What should I do?

          Internet providers are still joining ACP.

          • Call your provider directly to confirm if they participate. If they do not plan to participate in ACP, you will need to find a new provider that does.
          • Go to Check for multiple providers serving your area to see which has the best offer for your household.

            ACP: DEVICES

            My ISP doesn’t offer a discount for a connected device. What should I do?

            At this time, households can only get the ACP device discount through the ISP that provides their ACP home internet service. However, ISPs are not required to offer the ACP device discount. In California, only two ISPs — Cox and human I-T — offer the ACP device discount.

            Who pays for the device co-payment?

            You, the consumer, are responsible for the co-payment to obtain the device discount.

            Do I get to keep the connected device after the program ends or if I leave the program?

            YES. The device is yours.

            Do I get a new device discount when I switch to a new service provider?

            NO. The device discount can only be used once per eligible household, even if the household changes providers.

              ACP: MISCELLANEOUS

              Do I receive ACP funds directly?

              NO. The ACP discount is applied directly to your monthly service bill and/or device. Your service provider will receive reimbursement directly from the FCC.

              Can I get both Lifeline and the ACP discount?

              YES. In fact, if you qualify for Lifeline, you are automatically eligible for ACP. We recommend you use the ACP discount for your home internet bill and the Lifeline discount for your cell phone bill.

              The ACP credit does not show up on my first bill. What should I do?

              Depending on your internet provider’s billing cycle, there may be a delay in reflecting the credit on your bill. However, the following bill should have a prorated credit to the date you were approved for ACP. Please contact your provider to make sure you will not be charged a late fee.

              Will applying to ACP affect a person’s ability to obtain a green card or sponsor a family member under the public charge test?

              NO. Under the public charge test, if someone is determined to likely become a “public charge,” the government can deny that person’s application for admission to the U.S. or for lawful permanent resident status (also called a green card). However, receiving ACP benefits is not considered in the public charge test. (Source: National Digital Inclusion Alliance)

              Will I be charged additional fees?

              NO. There are no additional fees for enrolling in ACP. However, please note that you will be responsible for any remaining balance on your monthly home internet bill after the ACP discount has been applied. The amount of the remaining balance will depend on the original cost of the home internet plan you selected.

              For example, if the home internet plan you selected costs $50 per month, the ACP will cover $30 (for non-Tribal benefit households); you will be responsible for the remaining $20.

              Can I apply for ACP benefits if I have a past-due balance with a provider?

              Yes, eligible consumers with a past due balance or a balance in collections are eligible for the benefit.

              What if my child qualifies for ACP but my name is on the internet bill?

              Your household can still qualify for the ACP benefit by following these steps:

              • In your ACP application, make sure your name is listed as the primary applicant and identical to how your name is listed on your internet bill.
              • Your child must also be listed as a Benefit Qualifying Person (BQP) on the application.
              • You will also need to provide proof of your child’s identity (such as an ID) and eligibility (such as proof of participation in the Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or SNAP). The application will ask for the child’s full legal name, date of birth and an identification document for the child.

              I qualify for ACP but someone else's name is on the internet bill. Who should apply?

              The application must be made in the name of the individual listed on the bill. However, if you are the individual who qualifies, then your name must be on the application, the ID provided, and the Internet bill. ISP may charge you a fee to change the billing name on the account. You can go to a new Internet provider and establish the account in the qualifying person’s name.

              Note: Make sure that the name on the application, proof of identification and internet bill all match.

              How is the term “household” defined?

              The FCC defines a household as “a group of people who live together AND share income and expenses (even if they are not related to each other).”

              Please note that the FCC offers the following as examples of more than one household:

              • Four roommates who live together but do not share money are four households. They can have one ACP benefit each, four in total.

              • Thirty seniors who live in an assisted-living home but do not share money are counted as 30 households. They can have one ACP benefit each, 30 total.

              (Source: ACP Household Worksheet)

              Am I eligible for ACP if I live with other households?

              YES. In addition to your application, you will need to complete an additional form called the Household Worksheet, where you will report your household income and expenses. The Worksheet can be downloaded at:

              Note: Make sure there is an internet service provider in your area that will install internet in a multifamily unit or multifamily household. Providers may require renters to get permission from the owner to install the internet.

              I live in a multi-unit dwelling and we pay the property manager/landlord a monthly fee for our internet. Can I get the ACP benefit?

              YES. If you qualify for ACP, talk to your property manager/landlord and ask that they work with their internet service provider to learn more about the benefits that might be available to you and other eligible residents.

              NOTE: Make sure there is an internet service provider in your area that will install internet in a multifamily unit or multifamily household setting. They may require renters to get permission from the owner to install the internet.

              Where can I get additional information if I have more questions?

              If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 866-922-1016.