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Building Broadband For All

RivcoConnect is committed to building out Riverside County’s high-speed internet infrastructure to employment, education, public safety, health care, entertainment, business and governmental assistance.

Broadband Master Plan

Explore our Roadmap to achieving high-speed broadband for all in Riverside County.

Broadband Master Plan

Broadband Gaps and Opportunities Report

Discover the significant broadband disparities and potential avenues for progress concerning the digital divide in Riverside County. In its efforts to bridge this gap, the county thoroughly assesses the existing broadband landscape, focusing on three critical aspects: availability, affordability, and adoption.

Broadband Checklist

Broadband Stakeholder Engagement Report

The Broadband Stakeholder Engagement report outlines Riverside County's comprehensive approach to addressing digital disparities. Through extensive community engagement and partnerships with private and public stakeholders, the county is actively working to expand broadband access and promote the Affordable Connectivity Program. Learn more about the County's efforts by clicking here.

Broadband Funding Opportunities Report

Learn about the diverse federal and state funding opportunities accessible to Riverside County and its partners, in their pursuit of enhancing broadband availability, affordability, and adoption across the county. This report serves as a complement to the Broadband Gaps and Opportunities Report, which
provides additional context about the county’s current broadband environment and goals for the future.