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Internet Options

One of the goals of RIVCOconnect is that service be provided to all residents at an affordable cost, one that allows all residents to access high-speed connections to information, entertainment, health care, government services, employment opportunities, and educational growth.

Low Cost Internet Options

Low cost internet options are available from three current providers within Riverside County.  They are:

Charter/Spectrum:  Spectrum Internet Assist

  • Through the Spectrum Internet Assist program, qualified households can receive 30 Mbps Internet service with no data caps, Internet modem included, and no contracts required.  Add in-home WiFi for $5 more per month.  

AT&T:  AT&T Access

  • Through the AT&T Access program, qualified households can receive internet services ranging from 10 Mbps with no deposit or installation fees, no contracts required and wi-fi internet modem included. 

Frontier:  California Lifeline Discount Program

  • Through the Frontier's California Lifeline Discount Program, qualified households can receive internet services.   

Partners List

The RIVCOconnect Project Team would like to take this time to thank our stakeholders – the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, the 28 cities, 12 tribal nations, public utilities, special districts, local council of governments, and the other County Departments who are supporting and participating in this worthy effort to bring high speed broadband service to every home and business across the County.


    Tribal Nations

    Councils of Governments

    Industry Partners


    The Digital Equity Program is a program designed for bridging the Digital Divide in our local community. Low-income families do not have the available resources to take advantage of new technologies that can assist in improving their education, communication and overall quality of life.