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About the ACP Wind Down

What is Happening to the ACP? 

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), established to support discounted internet service for qualifying low-income households, is set to wind down. The ACP is expected to continue providing full benefits until April 2024, unless Congress renews the program. The allocated $14.2 billion is projected to run out by this date. 

What does the wind-down mean for ACP households? 

  • No new enrollments after February 7, 2024, at 8:59pm Pacific Time. 
  • Enrolled households before this date will continue receiving benefits until ACP funds run out, as long as they remain eligible. 

What should ACP households expect?

  • ACP households will receive benefits until funding runs out.
  • Internet providers and the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) will send notices to ACP households regarding:
    • The end of ACP benefits
    • Impact on the bill
    • Options for changing or discontinuing service

At the end of March: 

  • Contact your provider to explore staying on the same plan or switching to other low-cost options.

When funding runs out*:

  • You’ll be responsible for paying the entire monthly Internet bill. 
  • Reach out to your provider to explore affordable options that keep you connected.

*Households benefiting from ACP can expect to receive their full benefits until April 2024. However, the FCC foresees limited funding availability in May, which may result in partial reimbursements for certain households, depending on whether their Internet Service Provider (ISP) opts to provide ACP benefits during that month. ISPs are obligated to notify their customers in advance regarding their decision to participate and to offer partial reimbursements for May.

Estimated ranges for May's partial reimbursements are provided below. The FCC will issue an additional public notice in late April to finalize the maximum reimbursement figures for May.

Benefit Type  Statutory Maximum Estimated Maximum Reimbursement (May 2024)
Non-Tribal Service Benefit $30 per month  $7 - $16
Tribal Lands Service Benefit  $75 per month  $18 - $39


How can you stay informed and take action?

  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for information on your monthly bill and available options.
  • Check your inbox for emails from FCC, USAC, and your ISP. Visit and for updates.
  • Visit our ACP FAQs page for guidance on the wind-down process and retaining internet service after ACP ends.
  • Contact our ACP hotline or USAC directly for any other questions about the ACP wind-down and your ACP benefit:
    • RivcoConnect ACP Hotline: 866-922-1016
    • USAC ACP Support Center: 877-384-2575


How can you help Save ACP?

Use the  platform to email your representatives. Let them know that over 22 million households are at risk of disconnection without ACP benefits.

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